Do It For Mamaw

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Mission Trip

Hey guys! I know I have been quiet for a while but plan to get started up soon. A lot of stories to be told! Anyway I’m going on a mission trip to Guatemala this summer and don’t have the money to pay for the whole thing. I’m selling some shirts and if you could […]

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Tears Not Wasted.

So I kept on getting questions about Substate and how I felt about it in the past couple of days so I am going to tell you the story about Substate and State. Okay so on the bus ride to Substate I started crying and started praying. I asked God to let us break through […]

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We Are Strong Through Christ

hello darling souls! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Prom was yesterday and girls Golf State is tomorrow so it’s been a big week for me! Prom was fun I was with my friends! Well this week one big disaster actually let’s just be honest. I have cried at least like four times. Once […]

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Moments Like This

Golf. It’s one of the biggest parts of who I am but yet it doesn’t define who I am because God does that. Tuesday is Substate and no matter what I will be proud of my team and proud of how much heart we have for the game. Because at the end of the day […]

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Waiting Season = Growth

I have been in this really long season of waiting. You know the kind where you are like “Jesus I’m praying please answer my prayers… I’m waiting for your answer.” It’s been really hard to have one answered prayer while the other is just floating somewhere way off near Jupiter. But if there is one […]

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Gossip Is Gossip.

Updated 1/31/18 Today I was thinking about something. I was thinking about when people take advantage of what other people say or feel to use it to their own advantage and how it is a terrible thing. I see it happens all the time and usually where it happens is with GOSSIP. Now if you […]

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Prayer For This Season

God I pray for the golf team. This year we have another amazing chance to win yet another state championship title. It’s crazy that our top players are that developed and work that hard. God I hope you bring a passion to our team to work together. To be a family and to be mature […]

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